In line with our core area of aptitude skill improvement, we have developed a set of aptitude preparation products that can be used as self learning tools by students or administered aptitude preparation tools by colleges.

The products designed as level 1, level 2 and level 3 are christened Konfidence Walk, Konfidence Cruise and Konfidence Fly. Konfidence Walk and Cruise can be ordered through our website Konfidence Fly is in the final stages of development and will be available soon.

Designed and crafted based on our insights from 20,000+ hours of interaction with students, Konfidence Walk, Cruise and Fly is a unique set of products. The core of the product is perfectly scripted, easy to understand multimedia classes. It has supporting books that the learner should refer in order to augment the understanding of the concepts discussed in the CDs. Each chapter in the book also has a set of practice questions in order to test the learner’s understanding of the concepts. The product series offer a minimum 120 hours of learning possibilities which could be equated to 20 days of training.

A Windows based computer or laptop with a CD drive is required to use the products.

For more details about Konfidence Walk, Cruise and Fly, visit our website