Welcome to Konfidence!

Our firm Konfidence is a Kochi based organisation that operates with an absolute focus helping students perform well in corporate aptitude test papers. Konfidence was started by two IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Kozhikode graduates Mr KrishnaSwamy and Mr Kishan Kumar in the year 2004.

We operate mainly within the state of Kerala and some areas of Tamil Nadu. We have a clientele consisting of more than 20 colleges including the top Engineering and Management institutes. In our delivery model we offer training to the students of our partner colleges working in tandem with the placement and training cell of the college.

Our guidance and training has helped thousands of students secure placement with reputed companies in India and abroad. We have helped our partner colleges maintain above average placement statistics which in turn has boosted their brand image. We can claim the highest customer retention in our domain of operation.

Deep understanding of the niche in which we operate – Continuous adaptation to the changing needs of the customers – Implementation of the best practices and robust processes evolved through years of experience – Profile, experience and expertise of the faculty – Focus on Quality over Quantity – all these are the key factors that differentiate us from the rest of the pack that offer similar training programs.

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